Mannai launches the all new Showroom for JAC passenger cars in Qatar

  • The new showroom welcomes automotive aficionados from across the country
  • The new launch unveils diverse JAC models available for the Qatari market

Doha, Qatar – February 2024: Mannai Mobility, a subsidiary of Mannai Corporation QPSC, launched its first dedicated showroom for JAC Motors passenger vehicles in Qatar. The launch ceremony was attended by an elite group of local dignitaries, public figures, media correspondents, bloggers, and prominent social media influencers. This event reflects a solid testament to Mannai’s constant endeavors towards delivering excellence and upscale level of services in the automotive field. This endeavor also complements the Group’s efforts since its inception to meet the needs of the diverse and rapidly growing automobile market in the country, especially at the entry level segments.

During the event, Mannai Mobility and JAC Motors unveiled the four models that will be made available initially in the Qatari market – JS3, JS4, JS6 SUVs and J7 SEDAN, thus announcing the beginning of a new era to provide an exceptional driving experience that combines innovative design and dynamic aesthetics that characterize each car model. This launch leads the way for a totally new horizon of excellence in the world of cars.

On this occasion, Mr. Rajesh Krishnan, Group General Manager, Mannai Automotive commented: “We are extremely honored to launch the JAC Motors showroom in Qatar today, which reflects the strategic alliance between Mannai Mobility – a subsidiary of Mannai Corporation and JAC Motors, to provide a wide and diverse choice of the best prestigious Chinese cars in this sector. Since its launch, Mannai has distinguished itself by representing the best brands in the world of cars, and today we are witnessing the launch of a new era in the Qatari market, and we are confident that the models we have unveiled today will meet all the aspirations of our customers and the new generation of automotive aficionados looking for smart technology, top notch quality, unique performance, and elegant design.”

From his side, Mr. Jerry Zhou, General Manager of JAC Middle East & Africa, said: “We are witnessing a special milestone today with the opening of the first showroom for our brand passenger vehicles in Qatar. This opening reflects the positive growth witnessed by the automotive sector in the country and comes as a culmination of joint efforts with Mannai Mobility to provide the latest models of JAC vehicles, which have confirmed their position on the global stage by offering the highest quality and avant-garde technology”.

“Thanks to Mannai’s prestigious position and proven record as one of the country’s premier and most well-regarded automotive dealership for  its world-class services, exceptional after-sales support, market knowledge, and customers trust, we are certain that our brand will be the most appropriate choice for all those looking for an exceptional and enjoyable driving experience, distinctive elegance that captivates the eye, durability and sturdiness, and the highest standards of quality that can be relied upon,“ Mr. Jerry added.

The presence of the JAC Motors in the Qatari passenger cars market reinforces Mannai’s customer service-centric ethos, assured by an unprecedented 6 years unlimited mileage warranty for the retail sector, in addition to internal financing and the possibility of buyback and car replacement, which reflects the company’s commitment to enduring quality and reliability.

The JAC JS3 belongs to the category of small SUVs, which derives its power from a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1,600 cc, generating a power of 115 horsepower and a torque estimated at about 150 Newton/meters.

The JAC JS4 SUV, which belongs to the category of broad and practical family cars, is distinguished by its elegant, sporty shape and innovative interior design, in addition to all the modern and exclusive technology factors present in the safety and security systems, which provides distinguished protection for passengers on the road.

Designed specifically for the young generation drivers who are passionate about technology, the JAC JS6 provides a smooth, safe, and unique driving experience, as it blends elegance, practicality, streamlined surfaces and sporty body curves that form a visual masterpiece that captivates the eye.

The JAC J7 is a luxurious, practical, multi-use family car, distinguished by its elegant and attractive design. The J7 provides a wide range of technical and comfort features such as the navigation system, touch screen, advanced audio system, luxurious adjustable seats, keyless entry system, and many more features that make it a comfortable and practical car for daily use.

Located in the industrial area, in the vicinity of Mannai Corporation renowned showroom, JAC Motors welcomes its guests from Sundays to Thursday from 8 a.m to 8 p.m and on Saturdays from 9 a.m to 7 p.m

For more information or to book your test drive, you can visit the JAC Motors showroom or call on 8001808 or by email